DP Academy: Cultivating a Culture of Lifelong Learning

Since inception, DPA’s founders and leaders have always encouraged lifelong learning. In 2016, the design practice established DP Academy to provide a structured continuous learning platform comprising both in-house and external courses for all DPians to develop themselves holistically. These course are thoughtfully curated in relation to the practice’s perennial drive towards excellence in design and in alignment with the wider directive of the Industry Transformation Map.

Thus, besides Continuing Professional Development courses, DP Academy organises internal training programmes which includes Revit and BIM Training. Together, they ensure that DP’s architects and designers are kept abreast of the latest practices and regulations as well as equipped with knowhow for the future. Complementing these are weekly and annual design-related talks, designSHARE and designFUTURE conference. Intended as a knowledge-sharing space, it features multi-disciplinary topics conducted by a mix of DP’s own subject matter experts and fellow industry thought leaders.

DPLife: Building Camaraderie and Delight in the Workplace

What is work without a little play to enliven our spirits? Derived from the firm’s belief that “Every DPian Matters”, DPLife is set up to forge camaraderie and a sense of belonging within the DP family. From organising company events and parties to overseeing the set up of interest groups that inject colour and flavour to the life of every DPian, they ensure that DP remains an engaging and spirited experience for everyone.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Giving Back to Society through Design

The design practice was founded on a deep concern for the built environment and the need for a conscious effort towards creating an architecture of excellence where the enrichment of the human experience and spirit are reflected in both its planning and architectural work. This same philosophy guides DP’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) thrust. CSR projects such as GoodLife! Makan and Heartware Network harness the power of design to empathetically create spaces that address the needs of their respective end-user groups, nurture the communal spirit and empower the individual through agency.