Development Concept for The WAVES


The WAVES (Waterfront for All, innoVation, Enterprise, Sustainability) is an integrated waterfront development which will house research institutes and start-ups, and facilitate testbeds and trials of decarbonization technologies for maritime innovation. It will also be a space to host maritime training programmes to attract and develop talent for the maritime industry.

Oriented towards the coastline, the development is intended to become a focal point of maritime innovation and decarbonization in Singapore, supporting the efforts of Maritime Singapore through 3 ‘C’s – connectivity, capabilities and careers.[1] Launched to the public on 8 April 2022 by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore, The WAVES is segmented into three zones – research, collaboration and public recreation; each dedicated to a discrete purpose. The research cluster will drive innovation and spur collaborative research through its shared facilities and infrastructure. The dedicated labs are complemented by intuitively interwoven spaces for collaboration such as meeting and event facilities, to foster a keen spirit of cooperation. Here, in line with the recently launched Maritime Singapore Decarbonisation Blueprint that aims at reducing emissions from Singapore’s port terminals and harbour craft, research firms and start-ups hosted at The WAVES can carry out end-to-end testing for decarbonisation projects, and spur ideation.

[1] Chee Hong Tat. 2022. “Remarks By Senior Minister Of State, Ministry Of Transport, Mr Chee Hong Tat, At The Unveiling Ceremony Of ‘‘The Waves’’ On 8 April 2022.” April 8, 2022.


A collaborative work environment

The development will also feature well-integrated “Play and Learn” facilities with waterfront and rooftop F&B amenities dedicated to allowing the public to enjoy and feel connected to the sea while catching an upfront glimpse into the workings of the maritime industry; thereby, “fostering their affinity for the sea”.[1]

[1] MPA. 2022. “MPA unveils development concept plan for ‘The WAVES’ and commissions new enhanced patrol craft.” Press release, April 8, 2022.


An iconic waterfront development where the public can nurture a common love for the sea.

Slated for completion in 2025, the MPA Decarbonisation Centre is aimed at addressing the future environmental concerns of Singapore’s maritime industry through scientific endeavours, partnership and public education.