DP Architects clinches two wins in Architecture Masterprize 2020


Designed by DP Architects, both Guangzhou Knowledge City and Why Green? were named winners in Architecture Masterprize (AMP) 2020.

The Guangzhou Knowledge City masterplan aims to boost the acceleration of the Bay Area into the knowledge economy era by providing innovative talents and entrepreneurs with an attractive destination. To achieve this vision, the masterplan introduces an accessible and highly efficient vertical system together with a sharing and communicating complex network, to build a lively, multi-dimensional living and industrial compound. For its ability to translate and express the larger economic agenda for the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, DPA’s master planning scheme was recognised by AMP 2020 under the Urban Planning Category.

Originally designed for iLights Singapore 2019 Bicentennial Edition, Why Green? emerged winner in the Installations & Structures category in AMP 2020. Upon entry, the space blooms into a meadow of 3D printed glowing flowers. At a sensorial level, its interplay of light, depth and sound creates a sensorial experience that allows visitors a temporary escape from the bustling city. Inviting them to dwell, Why Green? becomes a space of contemplation and creative discourse of our present and history; the relationship between architectural design and nature; as well as the evolving dynamics between digital future and space.

Architecture Masterprize celebrates creativity and innovation in the fields of architectural design, landscape architecture and interior design. It was assembled by the Farmani Group, an organization curating and promoting art, design and architecture across the globe since 1985.