DP Architects speaks at Tsinghua University X DJSER Design Sharing Event


DP Architects (DPA) was invited to speak at a design sharing session, titled “NEXT | School of Architecture, Tsinghua University X DJSER”. In the third iteration of this session, winners from the 2021-2022 8th China Real Estate & Design Award (CREDAward) shared on the inspiration, challenges and design strategies they utilised in their award-winning projects. Fellow renowned architecture firms present at the session included SOM, Foster+Partners and Office for Urban Renewal (OUR).

In his sharing, Ng Ching Hsiung, an Associate Director at DPA, delved into multiple facets underlying HomeTeamNS Khatib Clubhouse’s construction, from its conceptual design to the challenges faced by the DPA team in the design process. He explored how the design of the clubhouse was rooted in sensitivity to its surrounding landmarks, which included a reservoir park, a neighbourhood park, existing and upcoming residential projects and transport arterials. He discussed several key challenges experienced in the design process, including the compressed timeline they were working under, as well as making the design attractive to members of the public while imbibing it with values symbolic to the HomeTeam defense community. Finally, he introduced the creative ways in which DPA used to circumvent aforementioned difficulties, such as creating a connective throughfare to create a sense of continuity with the neighbourhood park, and various other integrative design solutions that harmonised the Clubhouse with its surrounding environs. He also showcased the various interior highlights of the clubhouse that served to honour the servicemen the building was dedicated to.

The sharing session was a productive affair, with Ching Hsiung effectively showcasing the extent of DPA’s design capabilities to an international audience of industry peers and architectural students. He communicated DPA’s hallmark abilities in designing sustainable projects that are sensitive to a site’s historical, cultural, environmental and social roots, while retaining a sense of humanity, all signature elements that can be found within overall the design scheme. In addition, he effectively conveyed DPA’s embrace of greenery, wellbeing and technology concepts and design approach.

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Hosted by Tsinghua University’s School of Architecture, in collaboration with DJSER, the webinar took place on 12 June and was attended by over 200 virtual audience members. DJSER is an institute founded in China in 2014 to promote exchanges within the built industry, organize professional conferences and exhibitions, and evaluate real estate projects.