Excellence and Better Culture


What is excellence? Why is it hard to achieve? Why is it necessary to attain it? These are some questions that were explored in the 58th episode of Design Exec Club’s Town Hall series.

Hosted by Mark Bergin, founder at Design Exec Club, the insightful session unpacked the definition and understanding of what it means to be excellent and what that means from an architectural viewpoint.

Sharing learnings from his experience, Frven Lim, director of DPA’s London office, relooked at the age-old adage that “Practice makes perfect” and purports that “Practice makes progress” is more realistic. As perfect is often subjective, progress is at least a step towards the ideal of what is excellent.

He was joined by a distinguished panel consisting of Claire Menzies (Group Chairwoman & Founder at Istoria Group), David Holt (Director at 74), Nigel Tresise (Co-founder at align), Kate Coghlan (Associate Architect & Exhibition Designer at Nissen Richards Studio / Associate Lecturer at London Metropolitan University), Simon Hamilton (Founder at Design Career Consulting), Philip Johnson (Programme Director at Locate East Sussex), Michael Lambrianos (Managing Director at Wiesner Hager UK) and William Knight (Director of Renew Consultancy / Co-founder of Design Dialogue).

The discussion explored various facets of excellence, and its association with perfection and how that definition changes when viewed from different perspectives. Ultimately, the panel was in agreement that excellence in design is one that aligns its objectives with the client and at the same time while contributing to the well-being of users and considering the

Watch the full video here.