Mike Lim and Lee Wai Fong on “Living and Working in a Post-pandemic Era”


Both Mr Mike Lim and Mr Lee Wai Fong were part of a group of architects and designers who shared their opinions with Business Times on what the environment of the future would be like. They focused on the residential aspect of the future environment in the article.

Mike, director of DP Design says, “This is a good time for us to recalibrate and think about building an environment that puts the focus back on humanity, rather than design for looks.”

As working from home continues to be the default mode, more homeowners are becoming conscious of creating an interior environment that is conducive to work as well as well-being.

Wai Fong, a director at DP Architects and head of its Residential Typology Research Group, points out that many Singaporeans could work from home almost immediately without much difficulty due to Singapore’s high standards of housing design. However, he also added, “But as a side effect of Covid-19, we should consider how residential design can evolve.”

He suggests possible design measures for developers that not only allows one to work or study from home more easily but also have improved quality of home-living. The suggestions include more spacious bedrooms to accommodate work desks; in condominiums, co-working spaces with private working pods as well as a space for children to do home-based learning. Wai Fong also suggests, “Perhaps the landscaping could be turned into active green spaces for, say, communal gardening.”

The article was published in the Business Times on 21st August.