Frven Lim

Director, DPA (UK)

Good architecture is simple and communicates with the heart and soul. It lifts the spirit and provides a sense of comfort and servitude to function, but yet simultaneously feasts the eye to form and proportion.

Frven is the director of DP Architects’ London office. He has amassed a built portfolio of approximately 1.5 million sqm (including >11,000 homes) over 20 years. His passion for building encompasses a multitude of scales from urban micro interventions to master plans.

The London studio is DP Architects’ furthest outpost, whilst simultaneously the closest (post-COVID) powerhouse for design and practise-based research. Frven’s current focus is in the field of Happiness via Architecture through Neuroscience. This is made possible through the collaboration and deep research with various specialists, including neuroscientists, psychologists, marketing-sector researchers and academia researchers from various parts of the world.

Frven is a thought leader in urban trends, and champions well-being as the focus for design. He speaks publicly, actively shares on social media, and has authored numerous seminal books namely Housing People, Crafting Public Realms and project 2050. In addition to these, Frven has also contributed an essay which was published alongside the exhibition titled “1000+ Singapores” held at Paris’ city hall in the summer of 2015.

As a keen advocate for the future of design, he is involved as a guest tutor and critic at the Harvard GSD and the National University of Singapore.

A Singapore government scholar, he trained at the Architectural Association, and was awarded an MA in Landscape Urbanism (Distinction) through a further AA scholarship. In 2010, Frven won the ‘20 under 45’ accolade from Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority, in recognition of his contributions to the industry.