Kailas Moorthy

Associate Director, DPA (UK)

By employing wellbeing principles in architectural design, the buildings themselves might contribute to the healing process.

Mr Kailas Moorthy leads DP Architects’ global Wellbeing drive from DP’s London Studio.

Over 20 years in the built environment sector, spanning North America, Europe and Asia, has afforded Kailas an extensive portfolio, primarily in hospitality, education, and health & wellbeing. This includes in education: designing a university in Saigon, multi-stage international schools in Singapore and the world’s largest school in India accommodating 13,000 pupils; and in hospitality: as the lead architect on new-build hotels, such as Accor’s 800-room flagship hotel in Singapore and the luxury refurbishment of Millennium Hotel’s premium brand offer in Mayfair, London.

Kailas’ comprehensive portfolio has allowed him to develop synergies between, for example, the hospitality and healthcare sectors; providing wellbeing hotels that rejuvenate guests and welcoming healthcare facilities in which the building fabric contributes to the healing experience.

Through all his projects, he strives to bring a considered process-driven and human-centric approach to design with the ambition to imbed a contemplative quality to the spaces, places and journeys he creates. This is currently exemplified in the ongoing delivery of a Meditation Retreat in France, Health & Wellbeing Centres in Ireland, and a Wellness Retail and Community Masterplan in Poland.