Karlson Goh

Director, DPA (Malaysia)

Architecture is a spark of creation and Architects the curators. To manifest the inspiration and ensure excellence, conviction to one’s responsibilities and commitment to the deliverables in an efficient and effective manner are key.

Having grown up surrounded by architecture, Mr Karlson Goh developed an aptitude for the craft from a young age. Through his own journey and experience of the profession, he has cultivated a deep appreciation for its complexities as a craft that embodies both arts and sciences, and the infinite potential that can be derived from it. In his pursuit of architectural excellence, Karlson wields design as a means to synergise purpose and vision so as to manifest inspiration in built form.

He has since acquired deep expertise in residential, retail, commercial and mixed-use developments with a specific knack for design development and proven track record in project and site management. Testament to this are The TRX Exchange (LQ Retail), a 70-acre development poised to become Malaysia’s vibrant shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment destination with an integrated city park, and Asia’s leading lifestyle hub; KL Midtown, a project to elevate and revitalise the international trade and exhibition core of Kuala Lumpur by seamlessly integrating residential, office, retail and hospitality developments on a 8.95-acres site within the MITEC, MITI and MATRADE buildings; and Matrix Damansara Perdana, a twin tower condominium development set apart from its contemporaries with its unique selection of townhouses elegantly designed and built on a floating landscape E-deck.

Open, committed and driven, Karlson’s design adaptability and collaborative approach enables him to serve different markets and typologies in the best possible manner. Forging ahead as director of DPA (Malaysia), Karlson will be applying his wealth of experience and the strengths of the DPA group to push into the new frontier of industrial typology while driving the studio’s BIM and technology thrust.