Tan Chee Yong


Chee Yong’s design sensibilities are guided by a keen understanding of and sensitivity to community, context and climate, culminating in designs that are inclusive, culturally relevant and sustainable. Always in pursuit of excellence, Chee Yong is mindful that quality of design is not only a matter of balancing form and function. It must also consider development economics.

To do so, Chee Yong’s passion expands beyond the architect’s drawing board to encompass market knowledge. Combining the two with his ability to develop strong relationship with clients, he brings strength of concept design and feasibility study to a project, and is equipped to advise clients on the land potential of a development at inception stage. This approach to design and client relation has given Chee Yong an edge in China, where he leads a team of dedicated architects in projects across various scales and types including COSL Singapore HQ building; numerous residential buildings such as La Riva and The Waterfront Collections; and master plans for TCL E-City in Shenzhen, Guangzhou Science City and Datansha Healthhub in Guangzhou.

Today, with the increasing ties and cooperation between governments and globalisation of firms, Chee Yong is bridging intellectual and business exchanges between cultures. His latest projects include the re-masterplan of Guangzhou Knowledge City (GKC), a strategic China-Singapore collaboration to realise a low carbon emissions, ecological city steeped in the Lingnan culture found within the district, and Singchin Academy located within GKC that provides students with a 12-year education programme from primary to high school.