Wu Tzu Chiang


The next batch of leaders has to exceed what the current batch has achieved. Throughout our decades of experience, we have set the standards high, always putting our best foot forward. We have team members who are adept and efficient at execution, but ideal leaders are strategic thinkers who see solutions at the heart of the problem.

Passionate about creating architectural designs that are people-centric, Wu Tzu Chiang’s design philosophy evolves around the constantly changing socio-economic needs of communities and economies. Garnering a wealth of experience across projects of various typologies and scale, he is devoted to creating spaces that people can use, appreciate and enjoy. From the S$400 million Nanyang Polytechnic project and the Paya Lebar Air Force School and Museum to Residences at Evelyn, The Quintet condominium and The Trillium, Tzu Chiang’s design seeks to improve end users’ lives through thoughtful designs that maximises the potential of space through astute planning and programming.

Building on his experience, Tzu Chiang successfully expanded DPA into Indonesia with the establishment of PT DP Architects Indonesia in 1997. There, he completed several large skill projects in Jakarta, including Senayan City mixed-used development and The Peak Apartments. Since then, he has also undertaken projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Algiers. These experiences have given him a global outlook, which is reflected in his application of international perspective and innovation to his projects.

In 2015, Tzu Chiang was awarded the BCA-SGBC Green Building Individual Commendation Award; a much-coveted award that honours outstanding individuals who have championed sustainability in the built environment through design, construction or building management. Today, he continues to play an active role in pushing DPA’s design boundaries to achieve built works that uplift the human spirit and contribute to a better and greener environment.