Reinvigorating the Singaporean Kampung Spirit
Tengah Plantation Village
Bukit Batok Road

Plantation Village is located within the larger Plantation District, which sits at the southern tip of the greater Tengah Town Masterplan. It’s design emphasis on botany and greenery aligns itself with HDB’s aspiration to transform Tengah into Singapore’s first smart and sustainable town while retaining the core priority of facilitating social bonding within the housing precinct.

The courtyard design concept for Plantation Village is presented in a series of communal courtyards in the development, defined by the urban form of the residential blocks that aims to encourage social activities and closer bonds among neighbours. Wide open spaces such as the Precinct Heart and elevated courtyards with landscaped deck over the three-storey (inclusive of one basement) car park, creates a diversity of experience and sense of enclosure with ample facilities for social activities. These courtyard spaces are well shaded and suited for casual activities. Additionally, with the provisions of benches and trellises the space is a comfortable resting area for residents and elderly alike.

Plantation Village embodies DP’s experience in building public housing projects that not only provide better living for residents, but cater to the future-oriented demands of sustainability and community-building. Enhancing the wellbeing of residents through biophilic elements and providing multiple avenues to connect with nature, Plantation Village aims to rejuvenate the “Kampung” spirit through social bonding and connectivity.

Design team

DP Architects

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